Monday, April 11, 2016


About setting tips for your Presa TC100W

Once you've got the Mode of Presa TC100W, the wire, and therefore the power set, click the left Adjustment Button once more to lock or unlock the ohms price. Not precisely positive wherever the worth is in lockup or unlocking the ohms of the coil, however I left it unfastened and enraptured away. Next line defaults to PCB. Clicking the left Adjustment Button moves you thru PCB, Time and Puff Counter. PCB defaults to ninety eight. To the correct of the PCB/Time/Puff is that the electrical phenomenon, noted by the letter “A”. You don’t set this, or management this, it’s a browse out of the electrical phenomenon. Note* you'll be able to leave the menu instantly at any time by clicking the fireplace panel once. To induce back in do the 3-click of the fireplace panel.

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  1. is there a way to make my oled screen bight on my presa 100 watt,it is very very dim thank you ponyclamp